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Laundry detergent specially designed for the baby’s delicate skin, from the very first day



MEDIX ALVINA BABY - за бебешки дрехи  NEW

With Aloe vera extract, the liquid laundry detergent ALVINA BABY is perfectly suited for babies. With no coloring agents or phosphates, but with scented allergen-free perfume, this laundry detergent would perfectly wash even the most stubborn stains, delivering clean and delicately scented clothes. The liquid formula of this detergent guarantees complete solubility and excellent rinsing without leaving any traces on fabrics.

Packaging and dosing:
1.1L = 20 washes

Suitable for:

  • baby and children clothes
  • cotton fabrics
  • linen fabrics

Our advice:

For better effect use in combination with ALVINA BABY Sensitive softener – they have the same delicate aroma of cleanness!
We recommend that baby clothes are washed separately from other laundry and that fabrics coming in direct contact with the skin of your baby should also be washed with the special products of ALVINA BABY.
Carefully wash your hands after washing clothes by hand!
Sort out laundry by color.
Treat stains as soon as possible.
Be careful about what you use to pretreat different stains.
Follow the clothes manufacturer’s instructions.
Follow the instructions for use given in the table.