Use MEDIX rinse aid and special salt – triple action formula ensuring impeccable results and expert care for both tableware and dishwashers


Medix Rinse Aid ensures crystal shine and streak-free results, removing stubborn food residues, grease and spots from glasses, dishes and utensils. Efficient formula in 3 actions: 1. brilliant shine 2. cleaning power 3. quick drying.

Packaging and dosing:
Fill the relevant dishwasher compartment with rinse aid – the needed amount will be automatically dosed for every rinsing

Suitable for:
• dishwashers

Our advice:
For better effect, use MEDIX Rinse Aid in combination with other MEDIX detergents of the same series for dishwashers.


The special salt works in 3 actions: 1. softens water 2. prevents lime buildup 3. extends the life of your dishwasher. Salt softens water by aiding the removal of calcium and promoting the more efficient action of both the dishwashing detergent and the dishwasher itself. MEDIX Action Salt prevents limestone buildup on tableware and on the dishwasher too which extends the life of the machine. Use it for impeccable results and shiningly clean dishes without streaks!

Important: The dishwasher has a water softening system, which could be effective only when filled with special salt. Other salts may contain additives that could damage the filtering unit of your dishwasher.

Packing and dosing:
Fill the relevant dishwasher compartment as indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions with salt additive – the needed amount will be automatically dosed for every wash.

Suitable for:
• dishwashers

Our advice:
For best results, check regularly and maintain the compartment filled with MEDIX Action Salt. This is very much advisable for regions where water is known to be very hard.
For best effect, use MEDIX Action Salt in combination with the other dishwasher additives of the MEDIX series.