АLVINA 2 IN 1 Fabric Care

АLVINA 2 IN 1 Fabric Care

ALVINA PRO WASH & PROTECT washes in depth and keeps your favorite natural fabrics as new for longer. The innovative fabric protection technology protects the fibers from roughening, pilling, and fading of the colors, as a result of repeated washing of your clothes. Alvina 2 in 1 Fabric Care contains fabric softener for additional softness and easy ironing.

From day one ALVINA takes care of your clothes, preserves, and restores their appearance after washing. Better results are observed after several washes.

Packaging and dosing:
1.1L = 20 washes | 2.2L = 40 washes | 3.3L = 60 washes | 3.85L = 70 washes

Suitable for:
• white and color fabrics
• synthetic fabrics
• cotton fabrics
• linen fabrics

Our advice:
Carefully wash your hands after washing clothes by hand!
Sort out laundry by color.
Treat stains as soon as possible.
Be careful about what you use to pretreat different stains.
Follow the clothes manufacturer’s instructions.
Follow the instructions for use given in the table.